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Your house needs special care during monsoon

Your House Needs Special Care During Monsoon

Everything around us demands extra care during monsoon, don't they? We have special clothes and shoes for monsoon which will help us to stand the heavy downpour. Just like us, the buildings around us, our houses, offices, workplaces and every other construction, which are of importance to us, need to be taken care of. The monsoon rains leave a huge impact on these buildings leaving them weak and fragile. How to prevent them from losing their durability? How to prevent the walls from turning drab and sombre? Read on to find out.

Prevent Your Cemented Structure From Damage Against Water

Making a cemented structure waterproof easily adds to its life. Water accumulation can cause a great deal of damage to the buildings. It can affect the TMT bars and also cause the interiors of the building to swell up. Now how to make the structures made of cement waterproof? It is as easy as applying a coat of Nano Polysiloxane -Epoxy Hybrid. This solution is absolutely effortless to apply and can make your walls waterproof in absolutely no time, thus ensuring it's longevity.

Some Of The Properties Of The Nano Polysiloxane - Epoxy Hybrid Coating

The coating of this solution has a high adhesive property which can adhere easily to the tile surfaces, chips surfaces as well as concrete. It has an extremely good abrasive property and is also resistant to scratch. They provide chemical resistance to the surface on which they are applied and serve as an effective barrier to prevent the moisture from settling on the surface of the cement. One of the best factors about this hybrid coating is that it can be applied when it is raining heavily. Usually, two coats of this hybrid are recommended for the best results, and there have to be 24 hours in between the two coats. It is extremely easy to apply. All you have to do is simply mix the curing agent and the base and then with the help of the roller or a brush, spread it evenly on the desired surface.

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