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Paver Block Admixture


Eco friendly being water base. It densifies concrete and mortar due to Nano particle size and saves cement 10 to 12%, Resistant to map cracking. Resistant to bleeding and segregation of concrete and mortar. It does not leach out or decompose because it forms integral part of concrete and form water tightness in concrete and mortar. No sodium or potassium ions are present in SMACSIL® -IWP. Hence it does not create Porosities in mortar hence water tightness remains permanently in SMACSIL® -IWP modified mortar. It reduces water curing time, only 3 day water curing is required instead of 7 days.

Properties :

All in One Formula

  • Admixture
  • Accerlater
  • Waterproofing Agent
  • Water Curing Saver
  • pH: 8.5±0.5
  • Porosity Reducer

Technical Data :

  • Form : Liquid
  • Base : Nanotech Polymer
  • Colour : Translucent to Milky White
  • Specific Gravity : 1.05
  • ph : 8.5 to 9
  • Compatibility : With all Types of Cement ( OPC and PPC )
  • Toxicity : Non Toxic

Application Procedure:

mix 200ml SMACSIL® -IWP for every 50 kg of cement first add 60 to 70% water in Cements and, Concrete Mixture, then mix SMACSIL® -IWP in balance 30% water, then add this mixture in wet mixture of cement, sand and aggregate then mix in mixer for 3-5 minute.

Precaution :

do not exceed mixing dosage SMACSIL® -IWP of and do not add SMACSIL® -IWP in dry cement sand and aggregate.

Application Area :

  • Paver Block Admixture Manufacturers in India
  • Paver Block Admixture Suppliers in India
  • Paver Block Admixture Exporters in India

Packing :

1 ltr, 5 ltr, 20 ltr, in HDPE Container

Shelf Life :

12 months in Sealed Container

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