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Elastomeric Coating

If you are looking for reliable Elastomeric Coating Manufacturers in Mumbai , India, you have landed at the right place. S.M. Adhesives offer two types of roof elastomeric coatings, namely, Special Lotus Effect Elastomeric Heat Reflective Coating and Elastomeric Heat Reflective Coating. We have been providing services in the same domain for many years. In our long journey, we have developed trust among our customers. Today, we have a lot of happy customers.

Advantages of Elastomeric Coating

Let’s have a look at some of the advantages of elastomeric coating we offer:

  • The material we use in the elastomeric coating has an elasticity of up to 300%.
  • Waterproof elastic coating: Our elastic coatings are highly water repellent. Hence, you need not worry about any type of damage caused during rainy seasons.

  • Fungal resistant: Our elastomeric coating has antifungal properties. Hence, it protects your surfaces against damage caused due to fungus.
  • Our elastomeric coating offers resistance to sulphate and chloride penetration.
  • Our elastomeric coating has the property to reflect heating rays of the sun, hence, it acts as a heat reflective nano-tech barrier.

We are well-known water-proofing contractors in Mumbai. Contact us to know more.

Technical Specifications

Following are the technical specifications of our elastomeric coating:

  • Base: Special Polymer Blend Emulsion with Multi-ceramic & Nano-tech chemicals.
  • It has a solid content of 50±2%.
  • Colour: Our default colour of the coating is white. However, customers can also select the colour of his choice for coating.
  • Our elastomeric coating has a viscosity of 250 to 500 cps.
  • The pH value of our elastomers is 8.5±0.5.
  • It offers the flexibility of 300%.
  • DFT in two coats:1000 micron.

We recommend 2 layers of elastomeric coating to all of our customers.


We offer all our coating services at affordable rates. We never charge the wrong amount from our customers. Exact pricing as per market standards has helped us to lead the market. It is our hard work which made us one of the leading elastomer coating manufacturers and suppliers in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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